what is conscious mind and subconscious mind.

A person has two types of mind. Whenever the conscious mind and subconscious mind are hypnotized by someone, then in that state through a method, the message reaches the subconscious directly and our

subconscious mind is very powerful. These experiments done by the subconscious mind give very big results in the future,

but it is possible only through the process of daily practice, so the hypnotized process is a scientific method, there is no witchcraft.

The women head is represent power of subconscious
subconscious mind

What about your Subconscious Mind?

How do you get your Subconscious Mind to work for you? When
we think, we often think in pictures. If I asked you to think about your house, do you
get a picture? Your car? Oh, yeah. Picture. Your wife? Your husband? Your kids?
Pictures, all of them. Your Mind? Oh, wait for a Minute? Did you get a picture when I said
Mind? Some people think of the brain, or They get a picture of the brain. Your
brain isn’t your mind. When I’m talking

About your mind, I’m talking about you inside of there. You know the one.

That’s doing all the thinking and
observing. Your soul, your spirit. The Agent in the machine. Your brain isn’t
your mind. It’s part of your body. So, I’ve created a little picture of your mind.
And this is it. Isn’t that beautiful? Now,

how is this in your mind?
I got this originally from my friend Leslie.Householder. She got it from a guy named
Bob Proctor. I don’t know where he got it. But this has been shared in a lot of
different contexts as a symbol for the mind.

If we look at the different components of the mind, we’ve got the conscious mind up here on top, we’ve got the sub-conscious down here below, and This is the body, which includes your

brain. So, all three of these elements. We’ll talk about it in terms of your mind.
Now, the conscious. Conscious means are aware. When you’re unconscious, you’re not aware
of anything that’s going on. So, consciousness is awareness. Being
tuned in or aware of what’s going on. Subconscious. Sub means below like subway,
submarine. You get it. Sub, conscious, Below awareness. That’s why it’s drawn below
the conscious mind. You’re not aware of

What’s going on down there?

It’s essential, and it’s powerful. And it’s the topic of our whole conversation
today. But you’re not aware of it for the most part.

You know what? Some
people come into my office, and they’re Like, ” Dr. Paul, you know what’s going on
in my subconscious?” And I’m like, ” You I don’t know what’s going on in your
subconscious.” By definition, you’re not aware of it. You can become aware of it, but then it’s a conscious thing rather than subconscious. Now, your body is an
integral part of this equation because

It’s your body that interfaces with the world and creates your results. When we
talk about getting the Subconscious mind to work for us instead of against us, I
think it’s important to see how this process creates results for us in our
Life. The conscious works in terms of


thoughts and pictures and images, okay? That you know, like when I was
saying earlier, and you think about your house, and you get a picture, that’s a
conscious process. The subconscious works with images, but it’s not pictured
necessarily. The photos I’m talking about in the subconscious are more like self-image. Do you know?

Which isn’t really a picture. It’s more of a feeling or a sense. This is more of a subconscious Kind of process. The subconscious, rather than thoughts, is focused on beliefs. I’m talking about the kind that you’re not even aware of always.

Like speaking English. Did you notice that we’re doing that today?
Probably not. You didn’t notice it. It’s obvious, but it’s a belief. It’s just like A template or an operating system, okay?

That’s more of a subconscious kind of a Proces.
Ship. Who’s driving the ship? Ah, maybe you said the captain. Now, you would be

Technically correct. Captain’s in charge,
the captain’s driving the ship, right? The captain actually gives the orders.

Who drives the ship?

The crew. Okay? Now, the crew may or may not do what
the captain tells them to do. What this means is if you have a conscious thought
that you want to do a certain thing, But There’s a conflicting belief in your subconscious; then your subconscious is going to commit mutiny. Throw the
captain overboard, and they’re going to do whatever they want. The ship has to do
what the crew instructs it to do. So Here’s an example of how this might work.
Let’s say that you have a subconscious. A subconscious image in your mind. ” I’m
just a failure.” Okay? I hope that’s not. The one that you have. But that’s a good
example because it’ll show us some Things. And let’s represent that with
this X here, okay? Subconscious belief. ” I am such a failure.”

If the subconscious belief is that what
kind of behaviors do you think we’re going to see in the body? We’re going to see X
behaviors in the body. Make sense.

We’re going to see, ” I’m, such failure behavior coming from our body.” Well, what
Kind of results do you think that going to create in our world? Oh, yeah! Big
surprise. ” I’m such a failure” results.
Because what other kind of results can.

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