The human body has a feedback mechanism your body tells you that it needs help, generally, people catch big signals like stomach pain, headache or swelling, etc. but small signals should also be caught, like Examples are given below.

Urine problem in human body


Dec 29 2021

vital parts of the human body

Even if you drink coffee, it will be clearly detected in your urine, the color, smell, and pH of urine are many parameters of your health. For example, diabetes was first guessed by ants in urine.

Stomach problem in human body

Food (actually grazing) is harmful in many ways unless hunger is strong, not only acidity or sour belching, hiccups, and normal belching are also a sign or signals that you should do. If the food has become more then it is better not to eat the coming meal/meal. Stretching or pain inside the stomach is also a sign, so you should think about regularizing your eating habits.

Knees, Joints, and Bones, etc

. – If your joint pain has started from a young age then you probably need to check your food and water, maybe your water has increased calcium fluoride, etc. If your flexibility is decreasing or losing it can be the first sign of old age, at any stage you should be flexible enough to touch your toes with your hands.

Heart and Lungs, BP

– If you are tired of normal movement or are short of breath, then it is a sign of some major calamity. You need to focus on eating and exercise. If BP has happened then it means that you are not training your heart or heart properly. BP is the scientific and medical name of Letharji (ie laziness).

Mind and Mind, Memory

If your attitude is stubborn, whimsical, you curse people along the way, you enjoy doing bad things, you constantly blow horns along the way and you often listen to people – then this is the signal That you should get counseling, there is no harm in it. If your memory is deteriorating, then you are four more steps into old age, but the good news is that you can prevent or even overcome this disorder by learning a new language or taking up new thoughts, music, or new interests every day as a child. can do

The skin“ the largest organ in the body needs cleansing if you sweat or in general have a bad odor, or if it becomes necessary to apply deodorant shortly after bathing. Apply deodorant only when it is very minor. Skin infections, rashes or dark marks, circles, etc. increase its plight, try not to apply chemical body lotions, etc., but keep it nourished with fruit peels or raw milk, etc. Dark circles under the eyes indicate severe sleeplessness and physical imbalance.

Weight change

Sudden weight gain or loss is also a signal of irregular health, perhaps your body is going through major metabolic changes which are the body’s own way of dealing with some disease or major crisis. The immune system fights them and the temperature also increases, along with the weight loss. If someone is thin even after overeating, then they are definitely suffering from stomach worms (tapeworms, etc.). If someone is fat even after eating work, then he is a victim of slow metabolism, which in itself is a package of many diseases.


Nails and hair

White spots in the nails or sudden loss of hair (sudden graying) are some of the opposite signs. In this situation, if you are suffering from a deficiency of any vitamin or micronutrient, if you look at your body and food and drink, then you will understand something. Nails that are cracking, darkening, or looking unsightly are also a signal.

Poop means

people usually do not pay attention to it, if your stool is very foul-smelling and you have a problem with bad air then it is a sign of the body that you should regularize your diet or get treatment and pay attention to the cleanliness of the stomach. If there are undigested residues in the stool such as seeds of mustard, cumin, chili, brinjal, and okra, then you have a habit of swallowing food quickly without chewing and your stomach acid is weakening or you eat more than what is needed by the body. is discarded as such.

Badmouth, bitterness

this is probably the most terrible thing on this list – either you have an infection in your mouth, teeth, or throat or your stomach is often empty. On the other hand, bitterness indicates stomach disorders.

Kamagra or libido

if you are less active than your age or if there is a break in your work desire for a long time, then it is considered an indicator of the coming great crisis (kidney, heart or liver, etc.), although research on this topic is yet to be done. But the need is to make sure that you are aroused and feel normally according to your age. Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in a healthy and normal/happy environment, and the decrease of testosterone is a sign of bad health, which has a direct effect on libido.

Sleep or sleep

The duration of the sleep cycle generally decreases with age, but if you are continuously sleeping for less than 7to8 hours (4hours) at any time, it is a sign of your health is in danger. On the other hand, if you often feel lethargic, fall asleep while sitting, and remain tired, then either there is a lack of some elements in your food or you are in the direction of some disease. It is commonly postulated that sleep is directly related to gastric (appetite), metabolism (metabolism), and kamagni (libido), which are the first parameters of good health. When you are sick, good sleep is as important as medicine.

After catching the above-mentioned signals, it takes 6–10 months to bring the health back on track by trying natural or ayurvedic, home remedies, so act with restraint and where necessary consult different doctors and give them Tell us about these signals.

It is not necessary that you always pay attention to what your body is saying, but do not ignore the basics, do regular walks. Go out of your routine, go to a new park, mountain or meet people, eat healthy things.

If you surprise your body and mind, your body will never surprise you.

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