Many systems in the human body and interesting facts in information about quantitative the brain and nervous system the human brain is decent show command system for the whole body with the massive about 180 billion neurons Nuance of notable synopsis the creator network available 100 trillion connections tiny electrical currents and chemical messengers and information from the brain at 268 miles per hour doesn’t of electric current in your brainpower and LED liable about 12 to 25 Watts and other brain weighs about rebounds

It is a remarkable biologic machine, in which many systems work together to allow the speed of life, cognitive functions used to prepare reproduction, and so on. T Systems Inc. is the central nervous system circulatory system, respiratory system. Digestive system Immune system The reproductive system is the skeletal structure, and the muscles in the human body form from the head tap to the neck.

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The new variant Omicron is now spreading in the world as well as in almost all the states of India, it is extremely dangerous. We have to take care of the elders of our family as well as the children.