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What is the benefit of mixing and matching?

Answer: if the covid 19 vaccine rollout can mix and match vaccines this will greatly increase flexibility.

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In the time of this epidemic of 2021, to continue the process of vaccination continuously. I take care that no patient or person has to wait for more. If the first dosses have Docter, we can think of the second option.

If one vaccine is less effective than another against a certain variant, mixing and matching schedule could ensure the people who have already received one dose of vaccine with lower effectiveness could get a booster, with a vaccine that is more against the variety

Some county already uses mix and match vaccine schedules following changing recommendations regarding the AstraZeneca vaccines because of a very raw side effect of a blood clotting or bleeding conditions

Several countries in Europe are now advising the younger people previously give the vaccine as the first dose should an alternative vaccine as their second dose most commonly MRNA vaccines such as Pfizer

All western countries are among that mixed vaccination schedules due to this reason

Is it safe?

Answer: UK mix and match study published in the lancet in may 830 adults over we’re randomized to get either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines first then the other vaccine later

It found people who received mixed doses were more likely to develop mild to moderate symptoms from the second dose of the vaccine including chills, fatigue, fever headache, joint pain, muscle, ache, and pain at the injection site, compared to those on the standard none mixed scheduled.

However, these reactions were short-lived and there were no other safety concerns the researchers have now adapted this study to see whether early and regular use of paracetamol reduced the frequency of these reactions.

Another similar study, in the spine, found most side effects were mild or moderate and short-lived and we’re similar to the side effects from getting two doses of the same vaccine

Is it’s effective?

Answer: The people had a vastly higher antibody response 14 days after receiving the prize booster, following an initial dose of AstraZeneca

These antibodies were able to recognize and inactive the coronavirus in lab tests.

This response to the Pfizer boost seems to be stronger than the response after receiving two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine according to earning trial data. The immune response of getting Pfizer followed by AstraZeneca is not
Known yet but the UK will have results available soon

There is no data yet on how effective mix and match schedules are in preventing covid 19. But they are likely to work well as the immune response is similar, even better, compared with studies using the same vaccine as the first and second dose this indicates they will work well in preventing disease.

Don’t delay getting vaccinated?

Answer: Many other countries in our region are experiencing a surge in case too .these include Fiji Taiwan and Singapore, countries previously hailed as an excellent example of how to manage covid 19


These examples highlight the difficulty of sustained suppression in the absence of high vaccination coverage. This will be further exacerbated by the new, more transmissible variants
This is not clear what kind of evidence regulatory authorities, like Australia TGA, would require for a mixed schedule to be approved for use.

While we are waiting, it’s critical eligible people don’t delay getting vaccinated with the vaccine that is offered to them now. The vaccine is the only lifesaving person who is the life-saver of the people of this country in this epidemic. Be a part of vaccination campaign without paying attention to any runoff.

It’s like the vaccination schedule will be modified in the future as a booster may be needed. This is normal for vaccination programs we already do this each year with the influenza vaccine. This should not be seen as a policy failure but instead an evidence-based response to new information. reading more


this image represent vaccine covid-19

Best three vaccines|which is best?| covaxin vs covishield and sputnik v:
Answer: The three covid -19 vaccines: Till now the Indian govt has approved three vaccines against the deadly covid-19 to be used for its inoculation drive
differences between the three vaccines: apart from covaxin and covishield the two homegrown vaccines, the govt recently approved Russia’s sputnik v covid -19 dose. There are differences between the three vaccinations.

What is Covaxin?

Answer: Covaxin: Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine that contains the dead, virus, which triggers the immune response but does not make the person sick
Covaxin efficacy and dose: The preliminary data of the phase3 trial shows that the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 81%.the two doses of the vaccine are given 28 days apart,
The vaccine is an invention from a weakened version of a common cold virus from chimpanzee testing.

What is covishield and efficacy of dose?

Answer: Covishield: The oxford AstraZeneca vaccine’s covishield is based on the viral vector platform. The vaccine is an invention from a weakened version of a common cold virus from chimpanzee testing.
covishield efficacy and dose: this dose of the covid-19 vaccine has a 70% efficacy rate. it is a two-dose shot, where the second one is administered 12 weeks after the first one.

What is Sputnik V , Efficacy and Dose

Answer: Sputnik v: The vaccine, developed by Moscow’s gamaleye institute is also a vector vaccine, based on an adenovirus.
sputnik v efficacy and dose: Sputnik v gives around 92% and above protection against this pandemic, two slightly different versions of the vaccine are administered at the gap of 21days.
which one should you choose: All approved vaccines meet approval and safety standards.They are almost equally effective in preventing coronavirus infection. so take the vaccine available to you at the earliest.

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