this image is represent x-ray.
X-ray image

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You can imagine the sinus radiation of a product made of high-powered photos. The body is made of tissue, so we can see what we get inside. As is the case with visible wilting, chest radiation is likely to increase the material’s density.

The imitation chest radiation that shows the tremendous white egg on the back of the bargain is negative photography. The most rewarding part of the picture Clarinet, these logicians can increase the number of photons from the invention of the body. On the other hand, the elliptical region is a dense mass,

Which prevents photons from passing.
If you want to check out this simple image of the President using this, you can easily access it.
Agreed with the first seven letters of the alphabet
Brake A for valuation & quot; Assessment & quot;
To avoid mistakes and waste time, it is always necessary to evaluate the patient and find out the details. It is necessary to agree between the patient’s statements and the patient’s statements.
Or the number of medical records and history.. to the end

To ensure that the correct study is performed for the patient. In addition to the current image, This is because it is effective in detecting changes in disease.
For example, to emphasize the absence of excess during the patient.
It is important to emphasize that the end of the show is the end of the show, Equivalent to the dimensions of the bodies of poverty. Natural cycles are interpreted naturally, and the creation of desires is undesirable.

It is necessary to show the glorious image of Shahiqiyyah on the least of the tenth district or the tenth of the caliphate. If the vision does not help the perfect, it may not neglect essential diseases. In the end, it is essential that you do not overdo it as much as you need to.

To find out from this, it is possible to examine the symptoms accurately in the field of vision to show that they are visible. If the symptoms do not appear to be accurate, it is possible to diagnose some diseases.

Letter A also mentions that it does not exist in the absence of air & quot; Air & quot; In non-accommodation. The existence of air in space does not have to exist in it or its removalThe rest of the essential medical services for chest radiation remain.

Diagnosis of chest heat, fair wind, energy wind, and flatulence under the skin It is like the existence of air in a non-inhabited place. All of them are described in terms of surgical conditions and can be easily diagnosed as simple. Finally, the headline made it clear that this is not a bad thing at all.

The last example about the existence of air in non-space,It is possible that this is not the case.
The letter & quot; B & quot;Bones From now on, look at the great progress and all the marriages of the twentieth century.To be sure of the non-existence of faults or shortcomings or great imperfections.

The letter B also refers to the body wall and the retina outside the President. This part of the President is easy to ignore in the face of the President It must be created from the deadline of turmoil, slaughter and other affairs.Share C to Heart & Volume & quot; Cardiac silhouette & amp; size & quot;


This is the heart, and it is the right hand, the right hand and the right hand. Mention that in the image of the President, there is no information related to the patient. If you have the right hand on the side of the image, Al-Batin Al-Air on the side of faith. Natural heart rate measurement is usually less than 50%

Greater Qatar for the Caucasus Compared to the inner side of each district. If it were possible, there would be heart disease. Dreams D to the Hijab & quot; Diaphragms & quot; Which does not have to be flat at all, but rather parallel in its acceptable form.

It is possible to evaluate the level of the Hijab on the side of the sideOn the method of determining that half of the Hijab is higher than 1.5 cm.
From the original line between the veil’s angular veil in the back, The angle of the veiled story in the Imam.Brake E to Metals & quot; Equipment & quot; Calligraphy, manipulation, and the use of slacks in the service of life.

The most important thing to consider is the relative humidity of the other components and a job opportunity. For example, it is necessary to be a rabbi in the distribution of Anghami,

On the other hand, more than two times from the Raghmi movement. Or the side of the gastrointestinal tract is present in the stomach. The letter E also mentions that we have written the Ansab al-Janab,
Which is considered to be a published disease but secretly can be viewed on the face of the President.

The answer is that the questioner gathers at the angle of the veiled district,And all of them are compensated for the natural zodiac veil. Search Flight to Routine & quot; Lung Fields & quote;

As a matter of fact, why don’t you add another egg or a point of egg? From the point of view of the two perspectives on Imami and Janabi, It is not possible for us to be limited in any way. In this case, there is evidence of a belief in the lower part of the wild animal in the imam’s eyes.

This means that it is probably in the first section of the Al Qaeda leadership in the lower echelons. This can be emphasized by the way the image is calculated for the President. The last G means the great vessels & quot Great vessels & quot.
Which includes the anterior larynx,The lower abdomen, the outer elbow,Al-Qaws Al-Bahria, Arterial Artery,And the revelation is revealed. It must be asserted that all these combinations are in the right place and the right volume.

On the other hand, for the heart, the elbow must be the highest, Followed by arterial arteries. With a three-dimensional heart, The main event takes place in the background behind the central form in the Imamate image.

The oesophagal sphincter and the lower oesophagus ,All must die. Deviations can result in mental or emotional disorders. Goodness, sincerity


A The addition and subtraction of information for air research in non-residential areas.

B for the great and the body.

C for heart and volume.

D for the Hijab.

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