Best Hair Transplant in India 2021.

This image represents a hair transplant head effect before and after
Hair transplant image

Hair transplant is non-other then it is very important.

 Hair Transplant Surgery refers to the procedure in which surgeons surgically correct the problem of baldness.Surgeons usually remove hair from the back or side of the head and apply it to the front of the head.Hair transplant is done in the medical office (medical office), under which the person is given anesthesia.Gradual baldness is the leading cause of hair loss. This problem is also sometimes genetic. In the remaining cases, there are various reasons for this problem, which are as follows- Best Hair Transplant in India 2021

Unsweetened diet



Hormone interference

These grafts are then applied to the skull with small cuts (incisions). The previous head wound is then cured with stitches.

This entire process does not require the head to be shaved, but only the portion of the head where the hair is to be transplanted.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) In the hair transplant process the entire head is shaved.

Hair grafts are extracted one by one using a special punch device.
These grafts are then applied with small incisions made in the skull.

Usually both these procedures take a full day, yet the person does not need to stay all night in the hospital.

If a large part of your head is being treated, you may need two or more sessions for a few months.

Although you do not have any kind of pain during the hair transplant, but if you still have any pain after this, then in this case the surgeon gives you pain-relieving medicines.

Which women are recommended to undergo hair transplant? (Indications of hair transplant for woman)

According to experts, few women are the right candidates for hair transplant. Only 2 to 5 per cent of women got rid of hair problem through this process.

In this way, doctors recommend hair transplantation to a few women, which are as follows-Women who have previously undergone cosmetic or plastic surgery and have suffered from hair loss.

Women who have baldness problem like male.

Women who have trauma, burns, any accident, chemical burns etc. due to hair loss.

A woman who suffers from a problem called alopecia marginalis.

How is a woman’s hair transplant done?

The main reasons for the woman’s hair transplant procedure to be different from men’s hair transplant are the size of the woman’s hairstyle, the variety of women’s hair loss, and the variety of women’s hairstyles, etc.

The doctor thoroughly examines the woman’s head before performing the woman’s hair transplant and confirms that the procedure will not have any side effects on the woman.

A woman’s hair transplant requires a doctor who has exceptional technical skills, extensive knowledge of hair problems in women.

Each step of the female hair transplant process is done very carefully.

All hair transplant procedures for women are performed at the surgical center.

In this, the woman is given anesthesia so that she does not have any kind of pain during this whole process.

During female hair transplant surgery, healthy hair follicles are cut from the part of the head where the most hair is, and they are transplanted to the less hairy part of the head.

However, this can be a bit difficult to do, as the female baldness pattern is generally higher than that of men.

Once implanted is complete, the hair follicles grow in the same way as a woman’s natural hair, which then naturally combines with her hair growth patterns and hairstyles.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Delhi-NCR IN 2021.

When it comes to getting a hair transplant, there can be no better place in India than Delhi for this. Being the capital of India, Delhi has the best hair transplant clinics and doctors.

The average cost of hair transplant is 30–35 rupees per graft, which in total can be between 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees.

Hair transplant cost in Delhi?

  • The cost of hair transplant mainly depends on many elements, which are as follows-
  • Number of hair grafts
  • Number of sessions
  • Type of process
  • Surgeon experience

What are the best hospitals / clinics for hair transplant? (Hospitals / Clinics of Hair Transplant)
As explained above, the best place to do hair transplant is Delhi-NCR, so it is natural for people to ask the question, which suitable hospitals / clinics for hair transplant in Delhi Huh. To answer this question, we are giving the list of best hospitals in Delhi-NCR, To answer this question, we are giving the list of best hospitals in Delhi-NCR, which are as follows-

A’s Clinic- This clinic is located in Chittaranjan Park, Delhi, in which many celebrities have done their hair transplant. Therefore, you can also get a hair transplant done from this clinic.

Aestiva Cosmetic- This clinic also has a name in the field of hair transplant. Here the process of hair transplant is done through state of the art technology.

Cosmoworld hair transplant clinic- This clinic located in Faridabad, Haryana is famous for hair transplant. Many people here have done their successful hair transplant.

Divine cosmetic clinic- This is a multispecialist clinic where hair transplant is done by highly experienced surgeons.

Note: All these hospitals are included in the panel of Letsmd

What are the risks of hair transplant? (Side-effects of hair transplant)

Since hair transplant is a surgical procedure, it has some risks like other surgeries. Which every person should know.

There are mainly 5 risks of hair transplant, which are as follows-


To transition

Skull swelling



What is the success rate of hair transplant? (Sucess Rate of Hair Transplant)
Often, a question comes in the mind of many people, what is the success rate of hair transplant.

The success rate of hair transplant (hair transplant) mainly depends on various elements such as the condition of the hair on the head of the person, the health of the person, etc.

If a person’s hair is very thick, then this surgery is more successful on him.

Another way to find out the success of a hair transplant is to choose a surgeon who has enough experience of doing a hair transplant.

The success rate of hair transplantation has also been measured as to how the hair of a person is after this surgery. However, it may take a few months to ascertain this expected result.

According to statistics, the success rate of hair transplant is more than 95 per cent. It is a very successful surgery in this form and through it, many people have got rid of the problem of baldness.

As we all know that many people are troubled by the problem of hair, mainly due to pollution, external eating, drinking bad water etc. A person suffering from this problem is very stressed and has to be humiliated many times in his life.

If he knows that the solution to his problem is possible through hair transplant, then he might not have to be so humiliated.


Platelets are a component of red and white blood cells as well as blood. Inventors have proven that if they can remove concentrated platelets and inject them into damaged areas of the body, they can accelerate healing.

To produce PRP, a laboratory technician will take a blood sample and insert it into a machine called a centrifuge. This machine rotates at a rapid rate, which separates the blood components. The medical professional then removes the platelets for injection.

PRP contains growth factors and proteins that result early in tissue repair. The loss of hair follicles results in some types of hair loss, the researchers initially hypothesized that PRP may help regrow hair by reversing the process that occurs in androgenic alopecia.

Most doctors PRP has become a popular method of restoring hair growth. Doctors have also used PRP to treat tendon, muscle, and ligaments injuries, such as those they sustain during sports activities.


What is the success rate of hair transplants?

Answer: According to my, I was doing a hair transplant in 2018 January. if I talk about the success rate of hair transplant its depend on your care of hair and your hair routs and patch aria

How long does transplanted hair last?

This image represent beautiful hair after hair transplant

Answer: This is a very good question, the answer is that hair is hair it’s Owen’s hair this is our DNA if you care in a long time, you with beautiful hair in a lifetime and after some time you should visit your hair expert Dr for PRP. (PLATELET RICH PLASMA)

How expensive is hair transplant surgery?

Answer: Absolutely right hair transplant is very costly but it reason that is not surgery this’s a beauty surgery the cost of the hair depends on your area and your Doctor hair surgeon

What is a good age to get a hair transplant?

Answer: When I went to do a hair transplant, at that time I was 28 years old, I tell you my experience, it will be easier for you to decide if you have black hair and you ‘take a long time to lose your beautiful hair and black hair’. If you want, you can go for a hair transplant at any time, you can consult your doctor.

What is the side effects of hair transplant?

Scars or swelling on the scalp.
Scratches around the eyes.
Bleeding head
Swelling in the transplant area
Be restless
Shock loss, which means that all transplanted hairs fall out and grow back.

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