What is different between HRCT and CT SCAN?

HRCT (High-resolution computed tomography) This is its full form. Now to talk about ct scan, it is like an x-ray but advanced technique in which every fine piece of the body is studied very closely, head injury, tumor, bleeding from veins, bones. Ct scan is used to closely study the infection of rupture, virus. It is used by very high magnetic waves, in the technique of ct scan, a 3d image of a piece of the body is obtained which is obtained in different ways. Through the report of ct scan, it is easy for Dr to understand the recent condition of the patient.

this image represent ct scan machine with  scanning

Most important points before CT Scan | Does and Don’t|

  1. We should scan ct only at the behest of Dr.
  2. Some important things need to be followed for doing a ct scan,
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  4. There should be an empty stomach before doing a ct scan.
  5. Before making a ct scan, any metal item should be removed if there is an iron ‘rod’ in your body due to injury,
  6. then it becomes your own responsibility to inform the Dr before scanning the ct. Reading more…..


CT scan 9 means

this image represent score of lobe

Answer: If you look at the score of 5 lube of the langs, it is 25.
Now let’s talk about the score 8> 25 You are infected, this condition is called mild.
A transition with a state of 9–15/25 is called a modrate key.
If the score is 16 -25/25 in the report of the patient, then the patient is placed in a severe position.
In this case, ​the patient has a lot of infection and he has a ‘need’ of a ventilator

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