Acupuncture is such a method by which it is useful in health therapy in 2022nd Satabadi. If we talk about history, then this therapy of 2000 years ago is known as needle piercing.

In the Mahabharata, the grandfather Bhishma was also pierced at the point of acupuncture, that is why he was alive. let’s talk further

The needle used in acupuncture is very fine, if seen, a fine needle is used than hair, it does not cause pain.

Talking about today, it is being used in India as well as in China and other western countries. In China and Japan, this therapy is done in a very important and serious disease, acupuncture therapy is read and practiced as a valid certified course.
As it is used in hospitals in serious diseases,

this image represent acupuncture pin point
Acupuncture image
  • back pain
  • Headache
  • injury pain
  • reverse passion
  • asthma
  • cervical pan
  • bloating
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • any body pain
  • Ongoing cancer treatment
  • in chemo therapy

Research has found that when the acupuncture pin is placed on the point, the sick are asked to rest for half an hour, then after some time, a signal is sent to the mind through the pin, which is made happy hormone, which is used to relax the patient.


Comes you know what st36 acupuncture point in the whole body, The number of patients taking this therapy is very less but its success rate is more than 80%. Which is a very good number.

Dentists, skin specialists do this treatment to him. Dentists use it for relief in toothache, skin specialists use it in the treatment of skin allergy. Acupuncture can be done for any person of any age, it does not cause pain.

Although no one is harmed by acupuncture therapy, the doctor who does this therapy should be an expert and be confident.

Who should not give acupuncture therapy?

People who are taking medicines to thin the blood
People whose blood pressure remains high
to pregnant lady

this image represent pin point
Acupuncture pin point image

The career in acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy is a scientific therapy that has been fully independently recognized by the Ministry of Health Affairs in 2018.

After 12th you can do a diploma in acupuncture therapist course in MD MBBS, and physiotherapist as an extra tool in college.
Acupuncture is treated with three different types of therapy.
hot acupuncture
electronic acupuncture

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