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Welcome, all of you to bodytestcenter.com which is a healthy, tech, body-healthy website in India.
Bodytestcenter is an initiative by experienced medical professionals toward honest healthcare with over objective of “ Delivering High-Quality knowledge, and diagnostic services at an affordable price, which is accessible & reliable to all”.
Bodytestcenter seeks to serve as a single access point for all diagnostic needs of the patient be it Pathological, Radiological, Molecular, and Special tests.
We also in the adage that ‘ Prevention is Better Than Cure’ thus we provide a range of Preventive Healthcare packages at very affordable prices from the best labs in the world.

Bodytestcenter values affordability but we give utmost importance to the Quality of Diagnostic Services being offered by our lab partners.

Towards this objective, each and every lab on Bodytestcenter’s portal is vetted by a team of Medical Professionals.

We continuously seek Patient’s feedback to add new labs to our portal and remove those where the quality of services is found to be wanting.

Besides Honesty, Affordability, and Quality services, Bodytestcenter, is committed to improving the Diagnostic experience for Patients.
We have made access to information easier and booking for lab tests convenient.
A patient can compare the cost, see the distance of the lab from them, and check lab timings and reviews by fellow Patients. Patients can even schedule a Van pick-up for Radiological Tests, Home Sample Collection for Pathological tests & Health packages.

We strive hard to provide a hassle-free and seamless experience, thus seek your continuous feedback to further improve upon our services.
The aim of this website will be to present the squeeze of knowledge from the healthy and old books related to healthy in the country.
Not only this, yoga, meditation, and ways to be happy will be told.
We along with our team have made our service better in the future. You will also be welcome to consult the views of the people.
The aim of this website is to provide affordable and quality service in the country. In the future, those who would like to be part of this team of our mission are also welcome.

Dr. Sachin Kashyap
I am Dr. Sachin Kashyap, a health care professional who writes articles for bodytestcenter.com and studies at Dolphin University, Dehradun, and ‘Serves’ at DRDC Secherch Center. I am working

DOB:- 13th NOVEMBER 2020

TEAM:- 5 Dedicated