Top 10 healthy tips for beautiful and healthy eye.

Eye healthy is a very important part human body. Spending too much time on the screen is deteriorating the health of your eyes. You can love and take care of your eyes by adopting the following simple tips. The pandemic is taking a toll on the health of our eyes, as everyone is spending more time glued to screens than ever before. Children, in particular, are not affected by it less but more.

Because more smartphone usage and less outdoor activities are deteriorating their vision and putting them at higher risk of developing many eye-related problems. It’s important to love your eyes and take care of them by eating right, wearing protective eyewear, taking screen breaks, getting regular exercise, and sleeping well. Above all, there is a need to spread awareness about the importance of vision.

This time World Sight Day is being celebrated on 14 October 2021. It is an annual event celebrated on the second Thursday of October and aims to draw attention to blindness and visual impairment. This year’s theme is Love Your Eyes.

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Healthy Eye Image

“The eyes are the most complex of organs after the brain and 90 percent of the information processed by the brain is through the eyes. But sadly, most of us do not pay attention to eye care until that some problems go undetected. Maintaining healthy vision is not just about monthly check-ups because a lot can be done to keep the pair of eyes healthy and functioning well,” said Rahul Deshpande, chief medical director, PBMA. Says Medical Consultant for HV Desai Eye Hospital, Pune, and Pharmaceuticals. Here are some important tips to keep eyes healthy

Eat a Balanced Diet

As part of a daily diet, it is important to choose foods rich in vitamins C and E, lutein, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acids. It can help ward off vision issues like cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, to get enough of these nutrients, one should aim for the following foods:

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, beet greens, kale and lettuce
  • Fish like tuna and salmon
  • Non-meat protein sources including seeds, beans, nuts and eggs
  • Citrus fruits like lemon, orange etc.
  • Pork and Oysters
  1. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercise such as walking, jogging, yoga, etc. can prevent or control conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. All these health problems can affect the functioning of healthy eyes and can lead to eye diseases.

Wear Protective Eyewear for healthy eye

To protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and avoid any kind of injury, it is extremely important to wear UV-protected sunglasses. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation increases the chances of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Get Proper Sleep for Healthy Eye

Getting a good amount of sleep each night can help the eyes recover from the stress of daily life. Apart from giving rest to the eyes, proper sleep also replenishes the natural tear supply which keeps the eyes hydrated. Thus, people who get a good amount of sleep every day are more likely to avoid conditions such as dry eyes.

  1. Stay away from smoking

In addition to many health problems, smoking increases the chances of cataracts, macular degeneration, and damage to the optic nerve. Alcohol and smoking are avoided: it can deprive the skin of essential nutrients. It can also lead to dull, dry skin and puffiness around the eyes.

this image represent good and healthy food
Healthy food for healthy eye image
  1. Take Screen Breaks

In this era of digital innovation, almost everyone spends a lot of time in front of the screen, be it mobile, laptop or computer. These devices expose the eyes to harmful blue light emitted by these devices. Therefore, it is important to take screen breaks every 20 minutes and ensure that the eye is on the same level as the screen to reduce stress.

  1. Get Your Eyes Examine

People of all ages need to have frequent eye exams to protect their eyes. Eye exams are also effective in detecting diseases such as glaucoma, which have no symptoms. While they are easy to treat, it is important to recognize them early.

  1. Drink plenty of water.

Our body consists of 90% water, so we should drink plenty of water, whenever you feel thirsty, you should drink 10% more water. The full amount of water keeps our body dehydrated. The better the blood circulation in our body, the better will be the light of our eyes.

  1. To be happy or laugh

Being happy is also very important for our body. Being happy releases good hormones in our body, which keeps our skin and eyes healthy.
Laughter is also an exercise which is very important for our body.
For comedy movies, support or book can be read.

10. Wash your hands

Keep your hands clean and wash your hands frequently if possible, never rub your eyes vigorously as soon as you wake up.

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